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Experience and expertise in

  • geology of industrial and precious minerals
  • small-scale mining technology
  • legal framework for exploration and mining activities
  • commodity chain analysis, including identification of key nodes in the organisational structure
  • settlement development and regional economic linkages
  • interdisciplinary collaboration and project implementation
  • designing, testing and conducting base-line surveys in small-scale mining settlements and adjacent communities
  • planning and undertaking training courses targeting small-scale miners
  • participatory learning and action, e.g. participatory data collection and joint problem solving
  • participatory testing and introduction of appropriate mining technology and Best Available Techniques (BATs)
  • land-use conflict management and mitigation between various mining stakeholders, e.g. large-scale mining companies, small-scale miners, adjacent communities, and government agencies
  • organisational and human capacity building in civil society organizations (CSOs) and state institutions
  • teaching and facilitation of community workshops

Working experience

In Africa: 
D.R. Congo - Ghana - Lesotho - Mali - Sierra Leone - Somaliland - Sudan - Tanzania - Zambia - Zimbabwe 

In Asia:
Kyrgyz Republic - Lao PDR - Mongolia - Philippines